Fitting USB Sockets to a VW T5

In this video, I show you some different options for fitting USB sockets to your VW T5 camper van.

Basically, you can hook into the rear of your stereo to pick up power and I utilised this to fit a USB point inside my glove box that I will use to charge my power bank and/or power a dash cam. I also show you how to use a similar method to fit a USB point to one of the dash blanks near the heating controls in your T5.

The parts I used can be bought here:


VW T5 Camper Conversion - Interior LED Lights

Replacing the standard fit festoon bulbs in your VW T5 camper conversion is an easy way to add some extra style to your camper. You need 42mm LEDs and I went for 'cool blue' because they also contain a good white level. As I already have deep blue spots on the bulkhead and bright white spots on the roof, I now have a very versatile choice of lighting in the van that can all be switched on or off independently according to the needs of the situation.


Upgrading Rear Tail Lights to LEDs

Recently, I have upgraded the rear lights on my VW T5 campervan from the stock lights to a brand new set of LED lights. The front end of my T5.1 looks really nice with the updated styling and body kit, but I felt the rear was starting to look very slightly dated. Upgrading the rear tail lights to a LED cluster has really freshened up the back end of the van and once I add a rear spoiler I think it will look just as good as the front.


How to Fit a Reversing Camera to a VW T5

Check out this video where I show you how to fit a reversing camera to VW T5.1. I used a ten metre cable to provide the power to the camera via the head unit rather than tapping in to the rear light wiring.


How to Make Cables & Wire Switches & LED Lights

A quick video tutorial about what you will need to make up your own cabling and how to wire switches and LED lights.


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