Product Review

VW T5 Campervan Awning - Olpro Cubo Breeze Review

This week I bought a new drive-away campervan awning from Olpro to go with my VW T5 camper conversion. Olpro sell a variety of different awnings from large to small, many of which are available as both an air-beam or conventional pole design. I bought the Olpro Cubo Breeze direct from Olpro's website which is the air-beam version of their Cubo model.


Carista Software For VW T5

Carista is an app that allows you to customise certain aspects of your VW T5 van's onboard software. If you buy the Carista dongle (which connects to your van's diagnostic OBDII port and onwards to your smartphone via bluetooth) it gives you access to features that would normally only be available to VW dealers.

You can customise things such as one-touch electric windows, coming home lights, central locking and around 100 other things. It can also diagnose engine management problems and reset the service light.


Upgrading to LED Daytime Running & Sidelights

Recently, I upgraded the daytime running lights and the sidelights in my van to LED aftermarket replacements. I have a VW T5.1 and the stock bulbs not only give quite poor illumination but they are also an 'orange-yellow' filament old-fashioned light. The new bulbs give a nice modern white light.


Upgrading Rear Tail Lights to LEDs

Recently, I have upgraded the rear lights on my VW T5 campervan from the stock lights to a brand new set of LED lights. The front end of my T5.1 looks really nice with the updated styling and body kit, but I felt the rear was starting to look very slightly dated. Upgrading the rear tail lights to a LED cluster has really freshened up the back end of the van and once I add a rear spoiler I think it will look just as good as the front.


SWTNVIN Replacement Stereo Review

Recently, I replaced the stock stereo that comes with the VW T5.1 with a Chinese offering from Amazon. Its an Android 9 unit with a 7-inch touchscreen.

I went for one with the CD slot at the top and buttons along either side because that is my preference over a purely touchscreen only unit - its a bit easier to use when driving this way. The trade off with this though is the slightly smaller 7- inch screen rather than a larger 9- inch screen on those units without the CD slot or buttons.


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