VW T5 Video

VW T5 360° Van Tour Video

Recently I bought a 360 camera. It is only a cheapish one and the link to buy it is here if you are interested in this sort of thing - https://amzn.to/34RTneF


Fitting USB Sockets to a VW T5

In this video, I show you some different options for fitting USB sockets to your VW T5 camper van.

Basically, you can hook into the rear of your stereo to pick up power and I utilised this to fit a USB point inside my glove box that I will use to charge my power bank and/or power a dash cam. I also show you how to use a similar method to fit a USB point to one of the dash blanks near the heating controls in your T5.

The parts I used can be bought here:


Carista Software For VW T5

Carista is an app that allows you to customise certain aspects of your VW T5 van's onboard software. If you buy the Carista dongle (which connects to your van's diagnostic OBDII port and onwards to your smartphone via bluetooth) it gives you access to features that would normally only be available to VW dealers.

You can customise things such as one-touch electric windows, coming home lights, central locking and around 100 other things. It can also diagnose engine management problems and reset the service light.


VW T5 Camper Conversion - Interior LED Lights

Replacing the standard fit festoon bulbs in your VW T5 camper conversion is an easy way to add some extra style to your camper. You need 42mm LEDs and I went for 'cool blue' because they also contain a good white level. As I already have deep blue spots on the bulkhead and bright white spots on the roof, I now have a very versatile choice of lighting in the van that can all be switched on or off independently according to the needs of the situation.


VW T5 Buying Guide

In this 5 minute video I look at the basic fundamental things to check for when you are buying a used VW T5 campervan. Watch this video in conjunction with my written article on 'common problems' for even more tips..... this can be found here


SWTNVIN Replacement Stereo Review

Recently, I replaced the stock stereo that comes with the VW T5.1 with a Chinese offering from Amazon. Its an Android 9 unit with a 7-inch touchscreen.

I went for one with the CD slot at the top and buttons along either side because that is my preference over a purely touchscreen only unit - its a bit easier to use when driving this way. The trade off with this though is the slightly smaller 7- inch screen rather than a larger 9- inch screen on those units without the CD slot or buttons.


How to Change the Oil & Filters in a T5

In this video I show you how to change your oil and filters in a 2.0 TDI VW T5.1

I also show you how to reset the service indicator. Hopefully once you have watched this video a couple of times, you will feel confident in having ago at changing the oil and filter in your own VW T5. Essentially this is the main task that a dealership undertakes when they service your transporter - but they charge a small fortune!

Total cost for me to do this myself in my own T5 van was around £68 and that is only because the T5 2.0 TDI takes 7 litres of a high spec oil.


How to Fit a Reversing Camera to a VW T5

Check out this video where I show you how to fit a reversing camera to VW T5.1. I used a ten metre cable to provide the power to the camera via the head unit rather than tapping in to the rear light wiring.



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