Upgrading Rear Tail Lights to LEDs

Recently, I have upgraded the rear lights on my VW T5 campervan from the stock lights to a brand new set of LED lights. The front end of my T5.1 looks really nice with the updated styling and body kit, but I felt the rear was starting to look very slightly dated. Upgrading the rear tail lights to a LED cluster has really freshened up the back end of the van and once I add a rear spoiler I think it will look just as good as the front.

The new rear lights weren't cheap at circa £250 but hopefully they will prove trouble-free for years to come without having to change bulbs etc. The brightness of the LEDs is also immediately noticeable when driving at night. Looking in the wing mirrors when driving you can see the road lit up nicely behind. Also, they have the fancy sequential dynamic indicators that light-up a section at a time, alá Lexus or Audi - see my video below of them in action to see what I mean!

This is what the cluster looks like above

Fitting them is a doddle and all you need is the correct size screw driver. There are two screws to remove on each light and then removing is just a matter of popping them off the guide pins on the rear of the van:

Two screws hold the old lights in place

Fitting is the reverse.... i.e. line up with the two guide pins on the van and then screw in place. The only thing that might catch you out is the new lights come with two connector blocks. One is for the T5 and the other is for the T5.1 (as in my case) and you need to get the correct one for your model. They are not marked up in anyway, so its a case of trial and error or getting lucky. If you get it wrong, you won't break anything, they just won't work.

Old light on the near side and new light on the off side

The image above shows you what the new lights look like on the right versus the original lights on the left.

For a full fitting guide, watch my youtube video here - https://youtu.be/fSPOgO0vurU

All in all, I am really happy with these new lights and if you can afford them, I can highly recommend them.


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