SWTNVIN Replacement Stereo Review

Recently, I replaced the stock stereo that comes with the VW T5.1 with a Chinese offering from Amazon. Its an Android 9 unit with a 7-inch touchscreen.

I went for one with the CD slot at the top and buttons along either side because that is my preference over a purely touchscreen only unit - its a bit easier to use when driving this way. The trade off with this though is the slightly smaller 7- inch screen rather than a larger 9- inch screen on those units without the CD slot or buttons.

The unit came from a company called Top Sound Audio and is listed as being a SWTNVIN brand. I hadn't heard of either and have read stories of poor quality Chinese units from other brands. However, i thought i would take a chance and have been very pleasantly suprised at the quality of the unit. The touchscreen is great and it even came with a reversing camera, sat nav maps on a SD card and even trim removal tools for installation.

Watch the video attached to this post to find out more! Its only been in a few weeks, but at this stage I can thoroughly recommend it. I will update this review if my opinion changes! So if you are reading this, you can safely assume all is still good.


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